16 June 2011


Last Monday Catherine and I took off at lunchtime to climb Mt Urchin, a peak in the nearby Kaimanawa Ranges. About half way up we heard a kiwi calling in the bush - quite unusual in the middle of the day when Kiwis are usually resting up. Soon after we heard a text message arrive, our cell phone was in the back of my pack.  We carried  on and read the text on top of Urchin.  It was Kristin in Christchurch saying they'd had a 'good one' and were all OK. Later we estimated that the Kiwi call must have been within 10min of the 1300 5.5 Christchurch earthquake - probably coincidence - but I did wonder if Kiwis can detect the vibrations of earthquakes. They certainly use vibrations to detect things under the ground.

More Kaimanawas from Urchin

Anyway we had a great climb to the top of Urchin - the weather was OK and the sun warm on top. Another of our favourite places. And more favourites beyond the summit.

But poor Christchurch.

Minor Ridge off Urchin

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  1. The kiwi's daytime call, coinciding with the earthquake is spooky, and completely believable. Haven't people always observed the changed behaviour of birds and animals at these times?