07 June 2011


Rotopounamu from Tihia
In my last post I mentioned Tihia.  It is a small mountain behind our place at Pukawa.  From its top is one of the best views in NZ, to say nothing of on the way up. It has great podocarps at the bottom, red beech further up and snowgrass on top - just right for the view which encompasses Lakes Taupo, Rotopounamu, Otamangakau and Rotoaira.  You also see the Kaimanawas, Mts Ruapehu, Tongariro, Ngauruhoe, Pihanga, Kakaramea and Tauhara.  I've climbed it a few times.
Rotoaira and Ruapehu from Tihia
Old Kawaka on Tihia

On Tihia

Up here on Tihia
shrubs incline to the east

not because it's morning
but because the wind

blows from the west
and I lean towards you

as wind brushes
over tussock

we watch a hind
spring through scrub

a fawn hidden
beneath our feet.

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