20 June 2011

Yachting on Taupo

A year or so ago Catherine and I took our Kestrel yacht out with the idea of circumnavigating Lake Taupo.  We took three days over the journey, had two nights on board and never went ashore. And, we never tacked once, gybing the whole way about the lake. We only had one time when we nearly had trouble. A strong wind on a starboard reach had us struggling to clear Whakamoenga Point. Although we couldn't afford to go too close to them, some of the western cliffs with their sparse vegetation, old black beeches and coloured patinas were quite spectacular.

First Night Aboard
Sunset First Night

We had a few swims from the moored yacht and the pohutakawa flowers on Motutaiko were magnificent. Over the last hour, Catherine, who had been decidedly dubious about the sailing skills of her husband was heard to ask when we were going out again!  The weather had been great for sailing.

Cliff on Western Bays
Approaching Motutaiko

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