10 February 2016

Pureora Forest Timber Bike Trail

Here is a short summary and a few photos from the Pureora Bike Trail. Old climbing friend, Mike White, visited the North Island and expressed an interest in the two day timber bike trail through the Pureora Forest Park. With my son David as advisor, guide and geriatric nurse and Mike's wife, Lyn Wright, as logistical supporter we completed the task over the two days of the 14/15th January.

The first section of the trail has the best unmilled forest - it is level cycling, cool and interesting. The forest is so good it is almost a shame to cycle it - you have to keep your eyes on the trail. Thereafter there is a gradual uphill until the track to the summit of Mt Pureora (which we did) and then quite a bit of downhill towards the Piropiro Campsite. The track is in good condition and there are some very impressive swing bridges crossing over several surprisingly deep stream beds. At the campsite Lyn had a nice campsite selected for us and was waiting for us with food and drink.

There was some more climbing the next day but the latter part of the day was given to glorious downhills. Good to keep eyes peeled for steeper gradients and hairpins. The signage along the way is excellent and very informative but I have to admit that we often were so 'head down, tail up' that we didn't read them all! Taumarunui has an excellent little lunch place run by a nice Russian woman who makes very good milkshakes and food!
David and Mike on Top of Mt Pureora

One of Several Swing Bridges

Wreckage of Old Bridge from Swingbridge 
Reconstructed Spiral

Signage: Early Ellis and Bernand Photo of Spiral

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