28 February 2016

More Activities About Pukawa - Summer 2015/16

This summer saw us engaged in several minor activities about Pukawa - cycling, walking, swimming and some more slothful things - such as reading and eating. With Warren, Kristin, Tasman and Hannah we did the Tongariro Crossing from Mangatepopo.

Parahebe on Tongariro

I did the return by going over Tongariro and back down the ridge and track to the Mangatepopo car park and was able to help with the logistics - as did Kristin who came up from Ketetahi. I was astounded by the number of people - the lineup at the four toilets and the 1.2 km of cars (nose to tail) stretching from the full Mangatepopo car park back towards the main road. They now talk about 2000 people doing the crossing in one day! They were all so nice and friendly - I was amazed, as I often stood to one side to let the faster ones through, how so many of them would say, "Thank you, sir". Respect for the elderly still exists!

Granddad and Co.

Kristin and Warren and Family

With Granny Smith

Catherine and I climbed Urchin and Tihia and I did some biking with Warren and the grandchildren along the Tongariro River trails - all excuses for a glass of wine at the end of the day. And on Xmas Eve David and I checked and re-luring the DoC200 traps along the Waihaha and Mangatu rivers.
David in the Mangatu

Intrepid Mountain Bikers

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