01 August 2014

Hard Scrabble

I've been at it again. This time I've collected together some of my poems from the last twenty years and put them out under the title "Hard Scrabble". Some have been published before. The collection has three sections, Urban Spread (places and people), Beyond the Roadends (mountains and valleys) and Beyond the Southern Shores (mainly antarctica and sub-antarctica). You can see a preview of the work at the following link.

  or you can go to Blurb.com and search under the title. Good luck.

It's available at Blurb as a soft cover for about US$12, or an ebook for about US$3

The hard cover with colour inside is more at US $18 but quite a nicely produced book (in my opinion)

The cover photo is of Catherine and Margaret heading up towards the summit of Urchin, one of our favourite day walks near Pukawa.

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