23 June 2014

Book for Sale

Well, I’ve done it - and I’ve just finished cleaning up the blood and sweat from the floor about the computer at home.

This is just to announce that I’ve just published “Mountains ... Only Mountains”, my first Ebook, a book of reflections on climbing in general and including some personal recollections.  I’ve published it through Blurb, a US Publishing Company. If you want to have a look at it you can go to the blurb website (www.Blurb.com), search for it. It is available as a book and that costs – between NZ$55 and NZ$71). For those of you with ipad or iphones it can be down loaded for a lot less (about NZ$5.73). And both forms can be previewed at the Blurb website.

It has also been submitted to Amazon but I wont know for a couple of weeks if they have accepted it.

And incidentally it is not all in the glorious technicolour that these books now offer - all in black and white - all seventy odd photos - I like it, you may not!

Here is a cut and paste about it from the Blurb website

In "Mountains ... only Mountains" Barry Smith comments on and describes his approach to the culture of mountain climbing. This book describes some of the ups and down of his climbing, his reflections on climbing, and celebrates his life-long love of the mountains and valleys of New Zealand. He has included some of his poems and photographs from his times in the hills from the 1950s.

Hope you have a good read.

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