17 June 2016

Northland NZ - Herekino Again - with Aussie Wives

For many years now (~ 40) six of us - three kiwis and our Aussie wives have been having regular get-togethers in Australia and New Zealand. Regrettably one of us (Warren) has died. We still meet and this year we met at Kerikeri where Warren's wife, Sue, still spends much of each year.

We did a lot of talking, walking, going out to dinner and some local touring about. One of our days was up to Kaitaia and I insisted on having lunch at Herekino Inlet, a place I'd discovered about 15 years ago when Jim Wilson and I sussed out the west coast harbours of the North Island prior to circumnavigating it in Jim's yacht. This time I had Boris my old (second best friend, 300,000km 1995 Nissan 4WD) so decided to brave the rugged rutted track in to the lunch spot. I became 'Boris bogged' but inserting a few bits of wood under the wheels to save the ladies from the mud! What a peaceful spot - a graceful harbour with sandbars emerging or submerging, wading birds calling and the occasional fish plopping about in the water. The godwits had left for the Northern Hemisphere. Lunch was very pleasant as was the rest of the day. Retirement is great.

The Peaceful Herekino Inlet

Boris and Friends Collapsed in Kikuyu at Herekino
Northland was Very Green.

 Over the other days we walked down the   Kerikeri River to the Stone Store, visited the  local  marina, went out shopping (for some) and to the movies, dinner and discovered  more fungi - of course.

Orange Poreconch (Favolaschia calocera)

A Bolete?

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