27 March 2015

NZ vs Australia in Cricket - 2015 - we've done it before - in 1983

In 1981 Catherine and I took our three sons to Australia. Along the way we called and spent a day or two in Melbourne. I took the three boys across Melbourne and on our way we passed by the MCG. Its big main gates were open and we could see right into the wicket area. Warren was mad keen about cricket so I piled on the brakes and we ventured out onto the wicket area - we were very respectful of the wicket and enormously impressed by the huge silent stadium surrounding us. Soon we saw a stocky groundsman approaching us. He politely asked us to leave. I said we'd just ventured in because Warren was so keen about his cricket. The groundsman's passing comment was, "Sonny, if you come in here again you will have to be playing for Australia." Little did he realise that Warren was a NZer, and like all our children also had the right to play for Australia because of his Australian mother.

Two years later, in 1983, Warren stayed with his godmother, Jane and her husband Clive, in Melbourne. They, bless them, who were not sport orientated, took him to see the NZ vs Australia ODI cricket match at the MCG on 22nd January 1983 - at much expense in terms of sunburn. New Zealand won that day by 58 runs and John Wright was man of the match. Warren wasn't playing for either side but I fancy he will always remember that day. NZ has done it before. Like the team, I believe it can be done again. Go the Blackcaps.

MCG - very impressive even when empty.

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