01 November 2014

Printmakers Print Exchange - WSA - Hamilton

A little while ago several printmakers from the Waikato Society of Arts met to exchange prints. The idea was promoted and organised by Janice Meadows. Each printmaker was to create a print based on a poem or some prose of their own choosing. The arrangement was for the printmakers who were willing to participate to print enough prints to enable all the group to have one each. The organiser needed to have a one of each print for a set to be displayed at the WSA's Waiprint exhibition at ArtsPost in Hamilton. At the end of the lead-up time we all met to have morning tea and exchange prints. As usual with printmakers it was a social event full of bonhomie and cheer. Each printmaker presented their own work and explained the links between their print and the words that they had chosen. Quite educational. Here are a few photos from the event, taken in the WSA print room.
Some of the Prints


Carril Carr and Ruth Davey

Ruth Davey and Sarah Peers

Janice Meadows Displays Robin Cuff's Print

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