03 January 2014

The Bicycle - Hanoi in 1990 - many uses.

Taking children to school.

I've been thinking about bicycles of late.  In our modern society they are enjoying some popularity these days - mainly as recreational vehicles (mountain bikes, road bikes) but also as commuting vehicles with some sorting out to be done between motorised vehicles and the humble bike. One needs to have confidence and adopt a defensive riding style to go on the road on a bike.

Going to work in the country

In 1990 I worked for a month in Hanoi. There were cycles everywhere and they were used for all sorts of purposes.  A few motorcycles and cars were making it onto the roads and blood was being spilt as both learned to cope with one another.

Timber heading for the city

On the few occasions when I was moving around in and about Hanoi I took some photos of people using bikes for various purposes - it was, to say the least, an education.  There is something very appealing about the inventiveness and pragmatism of the Vietnamese. Here are some of the bikes I happened to see.

Basketware (fish traps?) on the move.

A pig being taken to market on a bike.

Girls transporting flowers from the market early in the morning. 
Ceramics being transported

Livestock fodder on the move.

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