18 December 2012

Kaiaua - Godwits - a Haibun


Today seven hours of constant walking takes us down to the coast.  Leg weary we enter our bus to journey homewards to the south. The first town is Kaiaua.  After noting the rarity of its five consecutive vowel letters we note the three syllables and the meaning of its two words, food and herring. Situated between bush covered hills and the abundant waters of the firth, it appears delightfully well named.
Further down the coast is Miranda with its shallow mudflats. Here godwits and other waders gather close to the shore with each high tide under watchful eyes. We rejoice in the knowledge that our own species (for all its faults) gathers each year to toast, with sparkling wine, the departure of the godwits for their breeding grounds in Alaska and Siberia - and how each year when they return one southern city peals its bells in welcome. Such is our empathy.

Godwits (Koaka) and Other Waders - Miranda

tides push them to and from
the sun to and from
today it’s feeding time

A Godwit Peloton in Training - Miranda

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