29 August 2012

Tihia Again - In Colour

Recently Catherine and I had another trip up Mt Tihia, the small peak at the south end of Taupo Moana.  It is a climb we've often done.  It can take anything between one and two hours to the summit, depending on how you enjoy the birds and views.  This time the weather forecast was for a fine day so we chose to climb Tihia to look at the recent eruption at the Te Maari crater on Tongariro.

The view was not to be - while it didn't rain the sky was overcast and the view towards Tongariro too hazy to see much.  Nevertheless the climb was, as always, enjoyable and the colours of the mountain spectacular, in one place emphasizing the volcanic origin of Tihia itself.  Here are a few photos taken to record the colours on the climb.  As usual, the winter intensifies the colours of the vegetation.

Dracophyllum in sub-alpine scrub
Sub-alpine Scrub

Volcanic Rock Uncovered by Erosion
Mosses and Lichens on Rock

Podocarp (Matai) Bark Flaked Off Bole of Tree

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