23 May 2012

Giving Up Smoking And ...

There has been talk of making NZ a smoking-free country - great idea but in the same class as getting rid of all the pests that ravage our indigenous (and less importantly, other) birds. And 'belling the cat'.

I smoked fags once.  It started with peer pressure when I left home but despite warnings from my mother (who smoked) and pressure from my own family, I smoked on for over 20 years.  In my early 40s my GP who'd had a few visits from me with respiratory and sinus problems proffered the good advice that giving up at the my age would eventually reverse the likely ill effects. So I bowed to the pressure and decided to get serious about giving up.

It wasn't easy. After a few attempts I became disgusted with my lack of resolve and, full of self loathing and remorse, worked myself into a rage and state of hate.  This culminated at the pre-appointed hour in me standing over a toilet grinding up any remaining fags between my knuckles and urinating over them.

The first serious attempt lasted for 18 months, my abstinence ending with the stress of an approaching major paper for an international conference. After the conference was over I tried again.  This time I made it but it was two years before I was sure I'd kicked the habit.  I've never looked back and there have been all sorts of benefits - better health and fitness, more enjoyment of food, happier family - and so on.

Disgraceful Habit

And while I'm in the confessional mode I should own up to having given up on toilet paper too- not smoking it - just using it in the conventional manner. I've been a water user for over 25 years - it started on yachting trips.  Now the idea of using toilet paper to smear the 'brown stuff' about my rear end just revolts me.  Other benefits here too but I wont bore you with all that.

So how about we save our NZ paper for an educational rather than a toilet purpose.  I think I've said enough for now!

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