26 March 2012

Joan Travaglia – Printmaker – 1948 - 2012

Joan With Her Press
Just before I took off for adventures in the South Island I visited Joan Travaglia, my printmaking tutor, at the opening of her December 2011 Exhibition. She was happy and surrounded by family and friends and wished Catherine and me well in our little exhibition in Darfield. She and I had shared a common background in Canterbury where she still had several friends and I have family and friends.  We were both concerned about the impact of the earthquake and the continuing aftershocks and had seen the damage firsthand.  Joan expressed her love of Christchurch with the little cards she made and sold to raise relief for her beloved area. I took a photo of her with her press at her opening – I didn’t realise it would be the last time I saw her.
All her printmaker students, and I was one, owed her so much – and we were lucky to have her – she was one of the survivors of the Wahine disaster.

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