13 December 2011

More on Huts

In one of my earlier posts I didn't do justice to huts so thought I'd do one more post and dig out a couple more hut photos from my files.

Triangle Hut in Avoca Valley, Canterbury.
 The image hut above is Triangle Hut and it has a special place in my memory. In 1957 I spent much of the summer here working for the NZ Dept of Forestry in the student summer vacation.  They had a deer research program in the area and our job was to construct a sheep exclusion fence down to near this hut and several deer exclusion pens in the Harper / Avoca catchment. There are many memories of feeds and early starts from that hut.  During a weekend in town I purchased my first .22 rifle and shot many rabbits and deer (I had permission) for our nosh. I shot my first chamois on the slip across from the hut.  Many years later a major earthquake centred somewhere nearby caused the whole hut (the walls were solid concrete) to just fall on its side.  When I last visited the area our boundary fence had formed a waterfall in the valley!

Thompson's Hut in Lower Rakaia

Thompson's Hut near Prospect Hill in the Rakaia is an old musterer's hut. It is still occasionally visited by trampers and mountaineers heading up the Rakaia Valley.  Open fire - comfortable on a cold night.

Prices Flat Hut, Whitcombe River

The historic Prices Flat Hut is up the Whitcombe Valley in Westland. It has a huge bushman's open fireplace and slab construction.  Built in 1908, it is one of the older huts still existing in NZ.  Lots of mice too.
I've passed it by a couple of times.

CMC Cameron Hut in Arrowsmith Range

Cameron Hut is a CMC hut at the head of the Cameron Valley.  I have fond memories of this hut too.  I've visited it to climb mountains in the area, during rescues and  in passing through - either late from climbs or (on one occasion) hungry and returning to a tent camp from an accident two valleys away! And hauling a climbing friend out of the hut to go down valley and out to SH1 via Manuka Point Station in a rubber raft.  Those were the days!

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