17 August 2011

Antarctica 2012

This coming summer is the 100th anniversary of the epics of Amunsden and Scott.  Catherine, my brother John and I  thought we'd celebrate these polar events with a little art exhibition at the Selwyn Gallery at Darfield near Christchurch where we had our 2009 exhibition ("Beyond the Road Ends").  Catherine will be painting, I'll exhibit some of my prints and John will concentrate on the northern polar regions with his photos.  It'll be called "Poles Apart".  It will be on for the month of February 2012 with the opening on Saturday 4th Feb.  Catherine and I will also be doing one on Antarctica at Arts Post in Hamilton, as luck would have it, overlapping with the Darfield one.  Not so bad for a printmaker but more work for the painter! Here are images of two of my prints.

Gateway to the South (Embossed Woodcut - BLS)

One Way South (Woodcut Monoprint - BLS)

And, by the way, if you are interested in Art on Antarctica have a look at Meliors Simms' blog where she is charting the construction of her next exhibition (Imagining Antarctica) of textile art to go on Display at Arts Post, Hamilton from the 19th August.  Cool stuff.


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