11 July 2011

Poetry - Always a Little Further... - poems of mountains and valleys

In my profile I listed poetry as one of my interests. I've been writing poetry on and off for about 30 years and have been published in various serials including PoetryNZ, Takahe, Kokako, Bravado, Haibun Today and Southern Ocean Review. Much of it is about the mountains and valleys I enjoy so much. So nearly ten years ago I collected a number of poems on that subject and had them published. It was a great experience.  There are 72 pages containing about 54 poems and 16 photographs. About 450 of the 500 have been sold so there are a few left if anyone likes to buy one. They are NZ$20 and can be obtained by contacting me at my Email address. Here are a couple of short poems from the collection.

Once again

Once again
on riverstone hearth

flood whitened
finger bones of trees
feed hot flames
about my black-skinned billy
rolling to a boil
in the smoke-blue air
of an empty valley

Another Day 

Today you climb to find
no perfect arete
nor summit cairn, damn it,
only horizontal wind and rope, no hope. 

Another day, you may return
to ride the ridge, that bridge
between the fears of mountaineers
and the casting out of doubt.

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